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Social Media

Startup & Management

Our Social Media Startup and Management can be used to keep consumers updated with all the promotions and informations that going about the company. Furthermore, this service also allows users of the social media to easily share information about your company to introduce more consumer, and can help in giving those consumers an easy way to contact you.

Social Media Allocation (Facebook)

Daily Budget (AUD)Clicks
$ 5.001.6k - 10.3k
$ 10.003.1k - 19.8k
$ 20.006.8k - 42.7k
$ 25.008.8k - 55.4k
$ 30.0011.1k - 64.2k
$ 50.0019.5k - 89.2k
$ 100.0028.7k - 179k

Note: This is just an estimated number of people who will see you boosted ads per day